Ghosts of the Dome, being Dude Perfect and the evolution of arm-wrestling

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rantnrave:// Josh Rosen: Truth-teller or too smart for his own good? The UCLA QB was as frank as any major college athlete could be -- without naming the bag man. He said football and education don't mix for college athletes. That won't sit right with the crowd selling the student-athlete myth -- like his coach, his AD and his school president. He said he's always dreamed of getting an MBA and starting a business. That could get him in trouble with scouts and fans who think the sport should be the center of every football player's life. Quarterbacks aren't supposed to be candid like this. They're team leaders in cliches. Rosen isn't playing that game. He said what many are thinking about how the education system works for high-level college athletes. It doesn't. There are a lot of things wrong with the NCAA system, but one thing supporters tout is the education. Players get paid in diplomas. What's the value of that if players can't pick the classes and majors they want or are too bogged down by sports to concentrate on school? A scholarship has to give something back to the athletes, not just be a loophole to allow them to play for free. Rosen should be celebrated for his honesty. A bunch of people might be pissed -- but they should fix the system instead. ... Kevin Clark wrote a fantastic story about the 2007 Patriots team that changed football forever. That's about right. The Patriots have been the NFL's innovation hub for a while. Whatever BILL BELICHICK is doing now is what many other teams will be doing in the future. He went for it on fourth-and-2 and got killed. Look at all the teams going for it on fourth down now. Smart teams replicate the Patriots' trade-down NFL draft strategy. Nothing, though, seems to have had an effect like the 2007 Patriots' offense. It wasn't just Brady and Moss. It was the no-huddle and the frenzied tempo, the shotgun-heavy formations, the rise of the slot receiver, the death of the fullback. That Patriots team is the best I've ever seen -- even if it didn't win the Super Bowl. ... William Faulkner, for SI.

Ghosts still haunt the New Orleans Superdome 11 years after Katrina

In this excerpt from his book "The Arena," Rafi Kohan explores how the ghosts of Hurricane Katrina still haunt the stadium the New Orleans Saints call home.
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How Dude Perfect makes child's play hard work

Five Aggies turned their love of trick shots into one of the biggest video franchises of the digital era with Dude Perfect.
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From ancient Greece to barroom pastime, this pro team epitomizes the evolution of arm-wrestling

The traveling Willamette Valley High Rollers are out to prove their sport is real, and that it's not just for stereotypical strongmen, either.
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Wendell Scott was the first African-American to compete in NASCAR and to win a race at NASCAR's highest level. Scott is celebrated for his bravery in the face of adversity, but that was not his day-to-day experience in the predominantly Southern, conservative world of American stock-car racing during the Jim Crow era.
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How the NFL is shaking up golf's schedule

The PGA of America and PGA Tour made the worst-kept secret in golf official on Tuesday, announcing that the PGA Championship will be moved from its current date in August to May, beginning in 2019.
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