Fantasy baseball free-agent finds: Mike Yastrzemski leads the way

Stephen Hopson/Icon Sportswire

Great for San Francisco Giants outfielder Mike Yastrzemski for hitting his 17th home run in a mere 283 plate appearances, and go pick him up for this weekend's Bay Area series with the Oakland Athletics if you choose, but stop comparing him to his Hall of Fame grandfather, please. Carl Yastrzemski took a while longer to hit his 17th home run -- and topped that mark in only 10 of his 23 seasons -- because he did not get the luxury of hitting happy fun baseballs from pitchers throwing 95 mph regularly!

Mike Yaz showed meager power in the minors and few -- that means analysts, teams, family members, the Giants -- expected this breakout because, well, why would they? The Baltimore Orioles had this fellow in Triple-A for years and did not blink, and eventually let him go and nobody thought it was odd. Now he is 28 and slugging .560, a lefty hitting lefties, a Giant hitting at home, a fellow with a famous grandfather hitting just about everything.