Aussie wrestling's dynamic duo come back to where it all began

MELBOURNE, Australia -- When Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, also known as Aussie wrestling duo 'The IIconics', take to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in front of more than 70,000 screaming fans on Saturday night, they'll be performing just metres away from where their professional journey began four years ago.

The duo are originally from Sydney and now live in Orlando due to the busy schedule, but their foray into WWE began at Rod Laver Arena -- a stadium most famous for being centre court when the Australian Open rolls around each January.

Speaking with ESPN ahead of the WWE Super Show-Down, The IIconics say they had "a bit of a moment" when they drove past Rod Laver Arena, which stands in the shadows of the MCG, where Saturday night's action will take place.

"We had our WWE try-out at Rod Laver Arena almost four years ago, so coming back here for the MCG show is such a full-circle moment for us," Kay tells ESPN.

"We literally just drove by Rod Laver [today] and we both got goosebumps and butterflies. It's very wild and it's very humbling," Royce adds.

Despite the fact that only a select few get to grace the ring in WWE's biggest arenas, both Royce (25) and Kay (29) say they never doubted they would both make it on the world stage to perform in front of a massive "home" crowd.

"It was definitely a far-fetched dream but it was one we had tunnel vision for," Royce says.

"For us there was no other option. It was a crazy dream, but it was everything we ever wanted and worked for."

"We definitely weren't going to take no for an answer and we're really proud of how far we've come," Kay adds.

"We grew up going to WWE shows in Sydney, so the fact we get to perform at one -- and a Super Show-Down at the MCG -- it doesn't get any better than that."

While their professional relationship began when they were paired together in NXT (WWE's developmental sub brand) four years ago, their personal relationship extends even further back.

Both Royce and Kay attended Westfield Sports High School in Sydney's western suburbs, although their relationship got off to a somewhat rocky start.

"We knew each other, but we didn't like each other. We were the two biggest wrestling fans at our school and there was this big rivalry of who was the bigger fan," Kay explains.

Like their chemistry inside the ring, their rapport out of it is just as smooth.

"Of course I was the bigger fan," Royce and Kay both say at the same time.

"But she thought it was her, and the rivalry continues to this day," Kay laughs.

Famous for their prickly personas and ability to get under the skins of their opponents, The IIconics say that bringing a bit of sass and classic Aussie larrikinism is right in their wheelhouse, despite the fact that most aspiring wrestlers don't grow up hoping to play the "heel", or 'villain'.

"I think [being the villains] came naturally for us," Royce says, shooting a cheeky glance at her partner in crime.

"People always used to tell us we were so annoying, and we took it as a major compliment. We thought 'how annoying can we be'?" Kay adds.

However, performing in Australia means the duo will likely receive a slightly more positive reception than what they're used to, and that's also fine with them.

"[Meeting] with fans is the really fun part of the job for us," Royce tells ESPN.

"Obviously being in the ring is everything, but when we get to interact with the fans and have opportunities like this, this is what makes wrestling and being on tour so fun."

But life on tour isn't always easy or as glamorous as it seems from the outside. The IIconics, along with other headline acts Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, graced the waiting media just two hours after having touched down in Melbourne.

Kay says while the lifestyle is incredibly demanding, it's even more rewarding, and though she misses her family back in Sydney, being so close to her wrestling partner both in and out of the ring helps enormously.

"We've been living in Orlando for three and half years now, but it is still an adjustment because we are really close with our families," Kay admits.

"But having said that, Peyton is my family and I'm her family, so we do always have a bit of home with us at all times."

The IIconics will face off against Asuka and Naomi in a tag team match at the WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne on Saturday night.