Fiorentina boss Stefano Poli disagrees with overturned penalty vs. Juventus

Fiorentina boss Stefano Poli disagreed with VAR's decision to overturn a penalty awarded to his side in their 2-0 Serie A loss to Juventus on Friday night.

Fiorentina were given a spot kick in the 18th minute after Giorgio Chiellini blocked Marco Benassi's cross with his arms.

While Jordan Veretout waited to take the penalty, the VAR (video assistant referee) was consulted. After a three-minute wait, a free kick was given to Juve because Benassi was ruled offside.

The pass to the winger had come off Juve defender Alex Sandro but the VAR deemed he had simply deflected the ball.

"They took a lifetime to decide," Pioli said after the match. "The explanation given to us was that the penalty was annulled because of offside.

"But I don't accept this decision: Alex Sandro made two touches, not just one, it's difficult to believe it wasn't voluntary.

"For me it wasn't offside. And then the referee took more than three minutes to decide, how is it possible that he didn't go to look at the replay himself?"

Of the decision, Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri said: "The penalty? I was just waiting for the referee's decision, it's him who decides and it's happened on other occasions.

"It was a long way, but luckily the penalty was annulled. After that, we started to defend better

"Did I understand the referee's decision? It wasn't clear, I thought there was a foul before it. [Officials] are much more careful with TV images. I only know that I was there waiting."

The Juve win will provide a boost as they prepare to host Tottenham on Tuesday in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

"I want to congratulate the lads because we're getting some positive numbers: 62 points [this season] and only one goal conceded in our past 16 matches," said Allegri.

"Now we have to recover for the Champions League. It will be very hard, they are a very physical and skilful team and we will have to do well."