Austria Vienna's lion mascot 'Super Leo' looks a little worse for wear

With Austria Vienna roaring to a 2-1 win over bottom side Wiener Neustadt in the Austrian Bundesliga on Saturday, it appeared the club's mascot, Super Leo, went a little too far in his celebrations.

What with the man inside the lion costume celebrating his 42nd birthday on the same day, it became apparent that Super Leo looked a little worse for wear during the game, though he manfully went about his duties regardless.

However, possibly overcome by a combination of heat exhaustion and excess alcohol, Leo's day of revelry finally seemed to catch up with him after the match when he went stumbling over the touchline and out onto the turf.

After falling over several times, Leo eventually just decided to give up his fight against gravity and slumped in a heap in the middle of the pitch, while a host of bemused club staff discussed what to do with him.

Perhaps a couple of effervescent tablets and a darkened room for the man in the giant foam-rubber lion costume?