15Blair Kinghorn, FB
14Tommy Seymour, W
13Nick Grigg, C
12Pete Horne, C
11Darcy Graham, W
10Finn Russell, FH
9Ali Price, SH
1Allan Dell, P
2Stuart McInally, H
3WP Nel, P
4Grant Gilchrist, L
5Jonny Gray, L
6Magnus Bradbury, FL
7Jamie Ritchie, FL
8Josh Strauss, N8
16Fraser Brown, R
17Gordon Reid, R
18Simon Berghan, R
19Ben Toolis, R
20Hamish Watson, R
21Greig Laidlaw, R
22Adam Hastings, R
23Byron McGuigan, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: BT Murrayfield
9:15 AM, March 9, 2019
Capacity: 67,800

Match Commentary

81'11-18 End of second half
80'Wales coach Warren Gatland: "We had a couple of good defensive sets in that second half, but it was certainly nerve-wracking. We were comfortable at the half, but Scotland came out in the second half and put us under pressure. But I said to the guys afterwards that, when you've won a Grand Slam, you look back on at least one game where you're like 'yeah, we were maybe a little lucky there'."
80'Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones on a defensive effort from Wales that required 160 tackles. "We knew we were coming up here... they did a job on us in 2017 and they nearly did it again here. In our previous games we've finished stronger, but we didn't get going in that second half. We couldn't get the ball back."
80'Scotland hooker Stuart McInally is interviewed post match: "We gave them a couple of cheap tries -- we fought back in the second half but we're still massively disappointed in that. We've got to do better next week. We have high expectations of ourselves and we hate not performing at home. These are all experiences to make us better."
80'Man of the match Hadleigh Parkes hails the defensive effort of Wales in his post-match interview. "We're really enjoying each other's company and working hard for each other. We're going to enjoy this win and then get ready for next weekend."
80'Anscombe boots over, the clock turns red. And Wales win ugly in Edinburgh. But a win is a win, and they only need one more to complete a memorable, epic Grand Slam!
80'11-18 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
79'Penalty advantage to Wales! They will take the penalty, and that should just about do it. They'll be able to bleed the clock, kick the points and march (somewhat nervously) towards a date with destiny, against Ireland, in Cardiff next Saturday.
79'Wales into the Scotland 22 for only the second time this half. They're in no hurry to keep the ball moving. Eyes cast towards the clock.
79'Drop goal-missed
77'Scotland are deep in their own territory, and Price is forced into touch. Wales lineout, and you can hear the guttural roar of the valleys at that! Wales will have perhaps their first attacking lineout of the entire second half!
74'Scotland will, however, have a lineout just outside the 22. The ball runs loose, though, and Laidlaw is at the bottom of the ruck. Eventually, Russell's grubber sits up too much and Ali Price is penalised for tackling Anscombe without the ball. That's a bit unlucky, as by rights that should have bounced softly into Anscombe's hands, but Price is rightly penalised.
74'Player substituted - Hadleigh Parkes , Wales
74'Substitute on - Owen Watkin , Wales
73'Scotland are up to phase 15 but they're going backwards. The Welsh defence has held firm here. And they've now turned Scotland over! Great, great work from Wales, who have been a long way from their best in this match and particularly in this second half, but are now seven minutes away from a Grand Slam shot against Ireland next Saturday.
71'Ritchie claims the lineout, but a fierce push from Wales forces Scotland backwards. Laidlaw takes some time to set things up, guiding Scotland carefully. It's all a bit stagnant however. Better quick ball there sets Dell away, then Berghan makes a play. They're still 10 metres from the try line though, and have Grant Gilchrist receiving treatment -- he's getting in the way, in fact!
70'They win the ball easily off the lineout. Penalty advantage for Wales collapsing the maul. Welsh nerves are clearly frayed here. The referee is going to warn Alun Wyn Jones that Wales are toeing a fine line here, a clear indication that cards (or a penalty try) is in the offing if they don't clean up their act.
70'Scotland opt to go for touch. They scored from a similar position last time. Can they do so again? With a little over 10 minutes to play, they absolutely have to make this count. They have dominated the second half.
70'Player substituted - Ross Moriarty , Wales
70'Substitute on - Aaron Wainwright , Wales
70'Player substituted - Stuart McInally , Scotland
70'Substitute on - Fraser Brown , Scotland
70'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Wales
70'Substitute on - Aled Davies , Wales
68'McInally makes good ground, then Grigg, Laidlaw moving it to Russell, who is nearly through and holds his nerve to find the right offload off the ground. Laidlaw pulling the strings. Scotland into phase 14, by far their longest build of the match. But they'll come back for a penalty. Wales, amazingly, are on the rack here.
67'Wales clear the lineout to halfway, but Ali Price starts the Scotland attack, and after a couple of phases Hamish Watson makes a stunning break. He barges through a couple of challengers but doesn't have enough support to make it count immediately. Still, Scotland have the ball and are working it back and forth, looking for Wales' defence to offer an opening. Russell to Grigg, who catches well with one hand. Stirring stuff from the Scots.
66'Mistakes aplenty, as first Finn Russell can't quite find touch and then Jake Ball knocks on under little pressure. Scotland turn the screw quickly and Wales will have another lineout deep in their own territory, which has been a theme of this second half.
65'But it's Wales who threaten! Adams with a clever kick over the top, but the ball won't sit up for him with the tryline begging. Still, he slips it inside and they can keep the pressure on. However, once the ball goes out to the right, it's Adams who has repositioned himself to keep the attack going... and he knocks on! Hands on head from Adams, who was one good bounce away from being a hero there.
65'Substitute on - Simon Berghan , Scotland
65'Player substituted - WP Nel , Scotland
65'Player substituted - Darcy Graham , Scotland
65'Substitute on - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
65'Player substituted - Josh Strauss , Scotland
65'Substitute on - Hamish Watson , Scotland
65'Player substituted - Jonny Gray , Scotland
65'Substitute on - Ben Toolis , Scotland
65'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Wales
65'Substitute on - Elliot Dee , Wales
65'Substitute on - Dillon Lewis , Wales
65'Player substituted - Tomas Francis , Wales
64'Scotland closing the gap at a lineout for the third time, and they've gifted Wales a free-kick and a chance to clear their lines. Scotland will have the ball around halfway, though...
62'Scotland's maul is rolling, but there's a knock on. No, not a knock on, it went backwards off Price's fumble, and Finn Russell's hasty boot through goes all the way through the in-goal area, and Wales will clear. They're clinging on, though, are the Grand Slam-chasing visitors...
62'Substitute on - Nicky Smith , Wales
62'Player substituted - Rob Evans , Wales
62'Substitute on - Jake Ball , Wales
62'Player substituted - Adam Beard , Wales
62'Drop goal-missed
61'Murrayfield comes alive as a super grubber from Finn Russell allows McGuigan to chase and kick forward, then the Scotland chasers descend on Parkes, with Wales eventually conceding a penalty for going in off feet. Scotland kick for touch. Goodness, we have a game!
60'Russell can't drag his conversion attempt enough to the left, and the gap remains four points. Wales haven't done anything in an attacking sense in the second half, and need to give themselves a bit of a shake.
58'Lineout for Scotland around 15 metres from the Wales line. They need a try here, really. For all this pressure to amount to nothing would be a true waste. And finally Scotland put together a move! Price to Russell, whose fabulous hands get it to McGuigan, then it goes wide to Hastings who sets up Graham for his first try for Scotland! Great play, at last, for the Scots. They look so good when they put moves like that together.
58'11-15 Try - Darcy Graham , Scotland
57'Ali Price chips ahead to nobody, so the chance seems to have gone again. Scotland are lacking all kinds of composure in attack. Still, George North is spotted making a high tackle, and Scotland will have a chance to build again.
55'Scotland steal the ball at a lineout. A chance! Can they make this count?
54'From the scrum, Darcy Graham becomes the first attacker but he's set back quickly by some tough Welsh tackling. Scotland move it to the left and there's no way through, no ground to be made. Then it goes right and Adam Hastings is the man to take the charge forward. But Wales win the penalty! The Wales defence forces Scotland into not releasing and the big chance to turn this into a barnstorming game looks like it may have passed Scotland by. Frustration for the home crowd and players, but a huge moment in Wales' Grand Slam quest.
51'Ritchie claims the ball at the top of the lineout. Wales' defence is holding up strong as Scotland's maul begins to roll. Pick and drive time for Scotland. Gilchrist is over the line ... but held up. Scrum five.
50'Scotland decide to kick for touch. They have to seize the moment, that much is clear. They win the ball off the top of the throw, but when a penalty advantage comes their way, it's chipped over the top and Parkes tidies up. Another lineout coming as Scotland sense a chance to make this a genuine contest again.
49'Scotland continue to make very basic errors, but they have the ball through Grigg as he bursts through the gain line -- then ships the ball straight to a Wales player. But the referee has brought it back for a high tackle, advised by the TMO, and that looks extremely harsh on Hadleigh Parkes. He had Grigg by the shoulder, but it wasn't a dangerous tackle by any means.
48'Liam Williams is the latest player heading for treatment, and he is carrying his arm very gingerly. It looks like he's possibly popped his shoulder out in taking Dell down from his rampaging run. Williams would be a huge loss if he's not able to feature against Ireland next weekend.
48'Player substituted - Liam Williams , Wales
48'Substitute on - Dan Biggar , Wales
47'Suddenly a chance for Scotland - Alan Dell making an obscene amount of ground for a prop! That's got the crowd going again, but twice in the following plays, Finn Russell is off the mark with his passing, the second mistake sending the ball straight into touch. When your best player is doing that, it really is an uphill struggle.
46'Scotland get a penalty for Wales not moving away when the ball was on the floor. Alun Wyn Jones was the man penalised, but his side won't pay too heavy a price as Scotland miss touch with the kick!
44'Wales have possession in the Scotland half, and are -- ominously -- working through the phases. However, they're pulled back for a forward pass, and then Adams and Ritchie square up. Perhaps they're trying to inject some life into a flat, flat Murrayfield atmosphere.
42'Some kicking ping-pong to get us started in this second half. Interesting that Scotland should adopt a "who blinks first" approach, given Wales haven't blinked once so far.
41'Scotland get the second half underway.
41'6-15 End of first half
40'The clock ticks over past the 40, and a huge roar from Scotland when Wales knock on as they pick up from the scrum and try to drive forward. That's a minor victory to emerge from that passage of play without conceding more points, but the home side have a lot of work to do at the break to make this any kind of contest in the second half.
40'6-15 Start of second half
39'Scotland nearly fumble the lineout away into a try for Wales, but they managed to cover it up enough to "only" concede a scrum five. Scotland, frankly, are a bit of a mess right now.
38'Oh, Anscombe clatters the post... and the ball is recovered by Parkes. The ball is worked quickly to the left flank and Josh Adams is almost through only for Adam Hastings to make the tackle and force the Welshman into touch. And now Hastings is down -- goodness, do Scotland have anyone left to play fullback? Thankfully, Hastings is back on his feet.
37'Scotland penalised for going in off feet, Jamie Ritchie the man in trouble. Wales are going to go for the points, despite a glance at the very least at going for touch again. Scotland are on the ropes, after all.
36'Wales now have a lineout on the Scotland five metre line. A try here, and this game is likely over as a contest.
33'Tommy Seymour has a rib injury, apparently. Scotland doing well to find 15 fit humans to play rugby for them at the moment...
32'Blair Kinghorn is off, and Adam Hastings takes on the poisoned chalice that is Scotland fullback.
31'Anscombe's conversion from the left flank drifts past the posts. Still, it's a nine-point lead and Wales have barely hit their stride.
31'Substitute on - Adam Beard , Wales
31'Player substituted - Jake Ball , Wales
31'Substitute on - Adam Hastings , Scotland
31'Player substituted - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
30'Wales up to 13 phases -- remember their 35-phase try against England a fortnight ago? -- as they continue to test the Scottish defence. Liam Williams belts forwards, but good Scottish tackling stops him in his tracks. And then suddenly it's Hadleigh Parkes bursting through. Scotland now being tested. Wide, wide, and Jonathan Davies dives over the line for Wales' second try of the match. That was more tremendous recycling from Wales, really playing as a complete team with complete trust n each other. Fabulous rugby.
30'6-15 Try - Jonathan Davies , Wales
28'This match really hasn't found a flow yet. Perhaps Scotland's ever-changing cast of characters isn't helping either team settle into their rhythm. Wales, though, are building through the phases in the Scotland 22...
26'Blair Kinghorn is now hobbling around with what seems to be an ankle injury. Scotland's injury woes continue.
24'Good strike from Anscombe, which guides the ball easily over the posts despite the swirling wind at Murrayfield.
24'6-10 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
23'Good series of offloads opens up a brief chance for Wales, but eventually there's a knock-on right in the middle of the Scotland half. Still, they had a penalty advantage for Scotland not rolling away, and Anscombe will size up the posts.
21'Jamie Ritchie is back on at flanker after passing his HIA -- but Tommy Seymour is now going off with a hand/wrist injury. Byron McGuigan replaces him. Meanwhile, Finn Russell slots the penalty to close the gap to one point.
21'Player substituted - Adam Beard , Wales
21'Substitute on - Jake Ball , Wales
21'6-7 Penalty goal - Finn Russell , Scotland
21'Player substituted - Tommy Seymour , Scotland
21'Substitute on - Byron McGuigan , Scotland
21'Player substituted - Fraser Brown , Scotland
21'Substitute on - Jamie Ritchie , Scotland
20'Murrayfield comes to life as Scotland start to make serious inroads in the Wales 22. Darcy Graham is the man who made the most incisive break, his dancing feet getting them through to within two metres of a try. However, the Welsh defence scrambles back well and Scotland eventually have to settle for a penalty.
17'Quieter passage of play as teams exhange deep kicks from their own halves. Eventually, Alun Wyn Jones is caught on the wrong side of the ball and Scotland have a penalty in their own half.
15'Substitute on - Fraser Brown , Scotland
15'Player substituted - Hamish Watson , Scotland
14'It never rains but it pours - Hamish Watson, only just on as a replacement, has to go off due to bleeding, and Fraser Brown comes on as a temporary replacement.
14'Anscombe slots the simple conversion and Wales lead after what was really their first attack of the game.
14'3-7 Conversion - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
13'And Wales respond in style! Good work across the field from right to left, and Josh Adams is set free -- perhaps with a slightly forward pass -- on the left wing, skips past one tackle from Kinghorn with quick feet and touches down behind the posts. Great way to respond to falling behind.
13'3-5 Try - Josh Adams , Wales
12'Simple clearance, Scotland lead.
11'Two penalties in succession against Wales, one in each half, gives Scotland their first look at the posts. Finn Russell will take this one one, 24 metres out and directly in front of the posts.
11'3-0 Penalty goal - Finn Russell , Scotland
9'Scotland are being forced into an early change as Jamie Ritchie goes off for treatment, possibly for an HIA. On comes Hamish Watson, who is only just back after recovering from a broken hand.
9'Substitute on - Hamish Watson , Scotland
9'Player substituted - Jamie Ritchie , Scotland
8'Good reycling gets Scotland up to 10 phases, but they are then penalised for a forward pass before Stuart McInally is caught with a neck roll challenge, gifting Wales a penalty and a chance to ease the pressure.
6'Scotland were establishing some good phase ball until some sharp play at the breakdown squirts the ball out on the Wales side. A kick downfield by Anscombe only allows Scotland to run from deep, with first Nick Grigg on the left and then Blair Kinghorn on the right making good ground. Scotland setting up attacking ball on the Wales 22.
4'And from the restart, Gareth Davies makes a really silly mistake to let the ball bounce off his elbow and forward. Scotland gain 40 metres and the put-in at a scrum in one fell swoop.
3'Clever hands from Liam Williams sets up a half-chance for Wales on the right wing, but the kick ahead is too far ahead and Finn Russell taps down in his own in-goal area despite being all alone with four Wales players closing down on him.
2'Scrum for a knock-on by Scotland, and the referee has to have a word with the two front rows to get things stabilised. Needlessly slow restart.
1'And we are off! And Tomas Francis wins the ball from Wales' own kick-off, putting them on the front foot in the opening exchanges.
1'A packed Murrayfield hurls itself into a rousing rendition of Flower Of Scotland, and we're just moments away from kick-off.
1'The teams are coming out of the tunnel, it's a great atmosphere and currently it's dry in Edinburgh, but the clouds are gathering and rain is forecast to start falling in the next half hour or so.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of Scotland against Wales in Edinburgh.

Wales come into this match on the back of three wins over France, Italy and England, and are two wins from the Grand Slam. However, they lost on their last visit to Murrayfield two years ago and Scotland are boosted by the return of Finn Russell at fly-half.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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