15Elliot Daly, FB
14Anthony Watson, W
13Manu Tuilagi, C
12Owen Farrell, C
11Jonny May, W
10George Ford, FH
9Ben Youngs, SH
1Joe Marler, P
2Jamie George, H
3Kyle Sinckler, P
4Maro Itoje, L
5George Kruis, L
6Tom Curry, FL
7Sam Underhill, FL
8Billy Vunipola, N8
16Luke Cowan-Dickie, R
17Mako Vunipola, R
18Dan Cole, R
19Courtney Lawes, R
20Lewis Ludlam, R
21Willi Heinz, R
22Henry Slade, R
23Jack Nowell, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Tokyo Stadium
4:00 AM, October 5, 2019

Match Commentary

81'39-10 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
81'+139-10 End of second half
80'Farrell kicks the conversion. Job very much done by England. They will move on to next week's match against France having barely sustained a scratch in the tournament so far. Argentina, meanwhile, will have much to reflect on.
80'One final flourish from England. Luke Cowan-Dickie is at the bottom of a pushover try. There's a ruckus at the end of that, and England would be sensible not to engage with this, given that suspensions would be pretty stupid on their part. They have a tournament to try to go on and win here, they can let a frustrated Argentina depart for home at the end of next week.
80'37-10 Try - Luke Cowan-Dickie , England
77'There is still a slim hope for Argentina that they can reach the last eight -- but they require France to lose to both Tonga (tomorrow) and England (next Saturday) while also defeating USA themselves and then hoping Tonga don't also beat the Americans. So that's four very specific results, two of which can be deemed quite unlikely, for the Pumas to be spared an early exit.
76'32-10 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
74'England have been woken up by that score -- Jack Nowell touches down in the corner. More brilliant handling and quick ball from rucks sets up the Exeter man on the right, and he bounces off three tacklers before diving in the corner. He is delighted with that, and it's a fine note for England to finish on.
74'30-10 Try - Jack Nowell , England
72'25-10 Conversion - Emiliano Boffelli , Argentina
71'Good break from an Argentina lineout, with lovely handling eventually setting up Carreras to break the gain line and he then ships it to Moroni for the score. But even a losing bonus point isn't going to save Argentina here.
71'25-8 Try - Matias Moroni , Argentina
70'There we go! Just when we thought both teams had packed up and gone home, Argentina score a TRY!
69'Player substituted - Anthony Watson , England
69'Substitute on - Jack Nowell , England
69'Player substituted - George Ford , England
69'Substitute on - Henry Slade , England
65'Argentina get a penalty for Vunipola collapsing the scrum. And the kick to touch misses, going through England's in-goal area. Terrible stuff.
65'Substitute on - Luke Cowan-Dickie , England
65'Player substituted - Jamie George , England
63'Mako Vunipola comes on for England, which will be a useful run out for the front row who has only played a handful of minutes for England since being injured in the Champions Cup final earlier this year. Joe Marler is off and being talked to by the medical staff. Hopefully nothing serious for the prop, who has been immense in this match.
63'Player substituted - Joe Marler , England
63'Substitute on - Mako Vunipola , England
63'Substitute on - Dan Cole , England
63'Player substituted - Kyle Sinckler , England
62'Argentina finally get into the England 22, but they've been turned over by a foraging Itoje, who ships it back to his support quickly and England will clear for touch. That's as close as Argentina have been to the England line in... well, perhaps the entire match, certainly since they took a 3-0 lead with that early penalty.
61'Player substituted - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
61'Substitute on - Lucas Mensa , Argentina
58'The energy has evaporated from the game. It's not helped by Argentina seeing scrumhalf Tomas Cubelli being helped from the field by medics, with what looks like a leg injury, perhaps his knee. As much as 2015 was a memorable World Cup for everyone connected with the Pumas, this one has been instantly forgettable for them. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has gone right.
58'Player substituted - Tomas Cubelli , Argentina
58'Substitute on - Felipe Ezcurra , Argentina
56'Player substituted - Matias Orlando , Argentina
56'Substitute on - Bautista Delguy , Argentina
55'Substitute on - Courtney Lawes , England
55'Player substituted - George Kruis , England
54'Farrell takes the points, almost as if to help find his range from the tee. They don't NEED the points, after all. Over it goes, and everything is coming up rosy for the Roses.
54'Player substituted - Guido Petti Pagadizaval , Argentina
54'Substitute on - Tomas Lezana , Argentina
54'25-3 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
52'Penalty advantage for England after Daly again makes a wonderful run past Argentina defenders and Argentina go in off feet at the ruck. A few phases later, there's an offside against the Pumas. They look exhausted. Tuilagi knocks on and they'll come back for that penalty.
50'England have got to the "trying things out for the sake of it" stage, with Farrell this time going for that crossfield kick that he thought better of for Ford's try, and finding a leaping Anthony Watson. Watson, though, is too close to touch and is easily bundled out by the Argentina defence. Still, a nice workout of the skills that might be needed at some stage later in the tournament.
49'Substitute on - Matias Alemanno , Argentina
49'Player substituted - Javier Ortega Desio , Argentina
49'Substitute on - Mayco Vivas , Argentina
49'Player substituted - Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro , Argentina
49'Substitute on - Santiago Medrano , Argentina
49'Player substituted - Juan Figallo , Argentina
49'Player substituted - Julian Montoya , Argentina
49'Substitute on - Agustin Creevy , Argentina
47'Now, can Farrell get his kicking boots on in the second half? There we go! Straight over the middle of the posts, as if nothing had ever gone wrong in that first half. Meanwhile, Ben Youngs is off having had an absolute stormer at scrumhalf.
47'Substitute on - Willi Heinz , England
47'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
47'22-3 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
45'Farrell was just about to try a crossfield kick high to the corner, but thought better of it with England on the edge of the Argentina 22. They've made good ground from that decision, too, and now Youngs can feed Tuilagi, Tuilagi takes it on, Youngs passes from the ruck to Ford -- and that's the bonus point! Class from England, and they can now begin to rest people up for next weekend's showdown against France. The winner there will avoid the winners of Pool D in the quarterfinals.
45'20-3 Try - George Ford , England
42'Knock on by Matera, and England will have a scrum in the Argentina half.
41'The teams are back out for the field, England kick off, and we're underway in the second half.
41'Player substituted - Billy Vunipola , England
41'Substitute on - Lewis Ludlam , England
41'+115-3 Try - Ben Youngs , England
41'+315-3 End of first half
40'Well. What exactly is going on with Owen Farrell. His kicking is consistent at least, but it's consistently left of the uprights. That's the one concern for Eddie Jones as his men head to the tunnel for halftime. Absolutely everything else is very much in hand.
40'And then Youngs spots a gap, it had to happen, and he dives over the line for England's third try of the half. They are one away from a bonus point, and this match is all but over.
40'England up past a dozen phases now. The backs adjust to try and set an attacking position now that the gong has gone. Brilliant hands from Youngs as the ball spill loose. Sinckler barrels forward off his pass. England's handling really has been sublime. Itoje digging in well at the breakdown. Still the phases build, up past 20 now.
40'England on the front foot again as the half comes towards an end. Youngs finding Itoje who shows good hands to gather that pass in low at his bootstraps. So much space on the left for England, almost every time they go that direction. Underhill takes it forward at the breakdown, then Itoje, then Sinckler, then Curry. Argentina have to be tiring at this stage and will welcome the break.
40'15-3 Start of second half
37'Less impressive has been Farrell's kicking from the tee. He's 0 for 3 now, having tugged another one wide left. You have to wonder if he's struggling to adjust back to kicking outdoors -- England's first two games were under a roof. It's not so much the overhead conditions that are the difference, but the humidity impacts a kicker's footing and it seems like Farrell is dragging his foot a little at each of these kicks.
36'This has been a wonderful performance from England in so many respects. They've kept their heads, they've kept to the gameplan and they've taken the chances they've created. That last move was a brilliant mix of incisive running, cool handling, and marvellous phase ball from the pack. Everyone played their part.
36'10-3 Try - Elliot Daly , England
35'"No hands," screams Nigel Owens as England lay siege to the Argentina line, and the Pumas are close to gifting away a penalty. Now they have, penalty advantage for England. Youngs goes wide and Daly has to juggle the ball before resetting himself and going for the line, a jink and a juke later and he's over for a TRY! TRY ENGLAND!
34'More wonderful handling across the backs by England, Daly again setting things up well for May. They switch the ball across the field in the next phase, and again it's May making the most progress. England are now up to within two metres of the Argentina line. Vunipola tries to burrow over from close range. England on the verge of breaking things open here.
31'Vunipola is fine to continue, which will be a relief to Eddie Jones. As well as a win, England will be keen to keep all of their key players fit for the latter stages of the tournament.
30'England are only a pass or two from breaking Argentina open but Farrell knocks on in contact again and Argentina can clear their lines. Billy Vunipola requires some treatment on an ankle injury, which has to be a concern for England.
29'England's handling, though not often being allowed to be on show here, has been absolutely terrific. Another good spell of back play with Farrell and Daly and May all showing their skills, and as if to prove the point, a long boot forward from Ford tests Urdapilleta's handling, and he promptly drops it.
25'However, the next kick from Argentina, this time from flyhalf Urdapilleta goes straight up in the air and he has to go and fight for it himself. It's a scrappy bit of play and England are eventually penalised, allowing Urdapilleta to boot it long into touch. The sting is going out of this match as both sides begin to see sense, which is no bad thing.
24'The time taken to build a scrum is a welcome calming point in the whole affair. Ford and Boffelli exchange kicks, but Boffelli's is a beaut, landing square on the touchline and forcing England back into their own territory for a lineout.
19'Well, jeers and whistles from the Argentina fans in the crowd as Tuilagi hits Boffelli in the air. It looks close to the line, put it that way. It's certainly a penalty, but Owens explains "it's just a timing issue and that's why it's only a penalty". That's probably fair, and Owens is desperately trying to keep a lid on this because cards could be plentiful otherwise.
18'Now, with all of that taken care of, Farrell will have a chance to add three points. He's scuffed his kick again, and it's wide left again. It's not flowing yet for Farrell from the tee.
18'That's the second player sent off this World Cup for a high tackle on Owen Farrell. Almost identical to the incident that saw John Quill of the USA in their second match of the tournament. Farrell is up and fine, but it's clear that rugby has a very serious issue regarding tackle height, and a lot of players are going to have to almost be retrained entirely before red cards stop being common occurrences.
18'You have to think that Argentina's World Cup might just about have ended at this very moment.
18'Lavanini becomes the fifth player to be sent off in this Rugby World Cup -- that's a record, and we're not even into the last week of the pool phase.
18'Owens is having to reconsider his original verdict. This is a red card.
18'"No foul play for me," says Owens of a suspiciously high tackle from Argentina. It was certainly a huge collision, and there will be a time out to check with the TMO as to what really happened here. The man with the most to worry about is Tomas Lavanini, who has gone high and with the shoulder into Owen Farrell's face. That is surely a card of some colour. Is it red?
18'Red card - Tomas Lavanini , Argentina
16'England are attacking in the Argentina 22. But they've lost it again in contact and Argentina have a penalty advantage. They boot long, advantage over, England will have to build again from their own half.
14'Perhaps the most encouraging thing for England is that their passing along the back line has been as crisp as anything we've seen in this World Cup so far. Of more concern, though, is that they keep knocking on in the tackle. Ford is the latest to do so.
13'FIGHT! The tension has spilled over and someone is surely going to see a card for this. It all came from a scrum that got a bit tetchy, and was pushed over the limit by a very late tackle by Pablo Matera on Ben Youngs. Somehow, referee Owens manages to diffuse things by speaking to both captains and telling them this is their final warning. That's generous given the fisticuffs that followed the late hit. He's likely hoping that they've all got it out of their system now and they can carry on playing rugby, which has been of a high standard so far.
10'Farrell with a conversion from the left wing, but he's scuffed that a little and it flies wide left. No conversion to add to the May score, but that was super clinical from England. They love that attacking move down the left, especially early in a match.
9'England get the maul rolling from the lineout and they have a penalty advantage. That's all it takes, with the ball swinging to the left and who else but Jonny May opening the try scoring count for the day. TRY ENGLAND!
9'5-3 Try - Jonny May , England
8'England look to get something going with Anthony Watson bursting down the right flank. It's crisp passing across the back line that opens things up for Daly to kick a grubber through. May chases but it's well covered by Emiliano Boffelli, the Argentina fullback. Still, it's an attacking lineout from England inside the Argentina 22.
7'The penalty is thumped over from close range by Urdapilleta and Argentina have an early lead. They look seriously up for this.
7'0-3 Penalty goal - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
5'Argentina with the scrum, five metres from the England line. They clearly mean business in this match and have started it a good deal better than the first half against France in their opening match, where they trailed 20-0 at the break. Penalty for offside against England and Argentina take the chance to throw it wide, however Santiago Carreras is pulled into touch and they'll go back for the penalty. There's also a very stern talking to by Nigel Owens, the referee, to England skipper Owen Farrell for three offences in quick succession by the defence. "Do you want to speak to them?" asks Owens. "Yes please," says Farrell, clearly concerned that a card is in the offing even in these early stages.
3'Despite a good lineout move from England, they give the ball away with a knock on and suddenly Argentina are on a burst. Great vision from Urdapilleta to kick it perfrectly for Matias Moroni and the Argentina wing steps inside and kicks ahead. It's a mad chase for Moroni and Jonny May, but that's excellent defence from May, showing all the pace that he usually puts to greatest use in attack but that was an equally valuable turn there.
2'Super take out of the air by Elliot Daly, under severe pressure from an onrushing Argentinean. England cover up well and George Ford boots it very deep, forcing Benjamin Urdapilleta to kick into touch. England lineout in the Argentina half.
1'And we are underway! Argentina kick off, and Ben Youngs returns it with an up and under to halfway. Argentina looking to make some ground in the early exchanges.
1'God Save The Queen gets a fairly belting rendition of its own. This is shaping up to be the best atmosphere of the tournament so far, and there's enough riding on the outcome of the match to make it last for a good while!
1'Argentina's anthem is being belted out by a very, VERY vocal contingent of Pumas supporters in the stadium. There's a wry smile from Owen Farrell, the England captain, as if to say "yep, bring it on!"
1'The teams are in the tunnel and making their way to the field. England are in their change kit of red shirts and dark blue shorts, the second time this tournament that they've been in that kit having beaten the USA wearing it. Argentina are in their famous blue and white hoops.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of England against Argentina in Tokyo.

What a difference four years makes. In 2015, Argentina romped through to the semifinals while England exited the tournament with a game to spare. This time around, it's the Pumas who could be out and facing one last meaningless match next week, while England can take their place in the last eight with a win today.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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