Review shows Eric Ebron gets both feet down on Colts TD

INDIANAPOLIS -- It started with a hurdle over a defender earlier in the drive and ended with a one-handed touchdown reception in the back of the end zone for Colts tight end Eric Ebron.

The Colts had the ball at Houston's 4-yard line when quarterback Jacoby Brissett lofted the ball in the back of the end zone to Ebron, who had a step on Texans cornerback Lonnie Johnson. Ebron leaped and snagged the ball with one hand before barely getting both feet down prior to going out of bounds.

The play was originally ruled as an incomplete pass, but coach Frank Reich, with the help of his coaching staff and players, quickly threw out the challenge flag. Ebron stood near the officials while they reviewed the play before erupting in excitement once the play was changed to a touchdown.

It was Brissett's third touchdown pass of the day. He's now thrown as many TD passes (13) as he did during the entire 2017 season, when he started 15 games.