Widow disgusted by Indiana immigration ad featuring husband, former Colts player

INDIANAPOLIS -- The widow of an Uber driver killed in a suspected drunken driving crash by a person in the U.S. illegally says a new political ad featuring her deceased husband has "devastated" the family.

Deb Monroe told The Associated Press that she wants Republican Indiana Senate candidate Mike Braun to take down his new immigration-themed ad. But she said his campaign won't return her call.

Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe and Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson were killed Feb. 4 when a suspected drunken driver struck them on Interstate 70 in Indianapolis.

President Donald Trump tweeted about the tragedy, calling it "disgraceful."

Braun's ad calls for a border wall and displays pictures of Monroe and Jackson as well as the mug shot of Manuel Orrego-Savala, the Guatemalan man charged in the crash.