How to jump-start rebuilds for six struggling NFL teams

Gruden and Raiders building for future (1:21)

Darren Woodson says Oakland's trades of Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack are clear signs that Jon Gruden plans to revamp the roster with future draft picks. (1:21)

Jon Gruden's previous NFL teams never finished higher than fourth in the draft order in his 11 seasons as a head coach.

ESPN's Football Power Index gives Gruden's Oakland Raiders a 43.5 percent chance of drafting first overall in 2019, nearly double the likelihood for any other team. The Arizona Cardinals are next at 23.1 percent, followed by the New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills, who are all between 5.8 percent and 9.8 percent.

It's also worth noting that the Giants are the only team of that group without a young quarterback signed for the long term.

While NFL heavyweights jockey for playoff positioning, we check in with teams at the other end of the standings, focusing on what they must do to improve, what resources they have at their disposal and what their expectations for 2019 should be.

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