Ranking Lakers prospects by trade value for Anthony Davis

How much should teams value Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart? Darren Abate/AP Photo

What kind of trade value should the Los Angeles Lakers' young players have in a possible Anthony Davis trade?

Whether the Lakers have a chance to land Davis will depend in large part on how the New Orleans Pelicans value the team's recent first-round picks, none of which has yielded a surefire star. The limitations of the Lakers' young talent has been on full display with LeBron James out of the lineup for the past month, during which they have alternated impressive road wins with falling flat on their faces at home.

Only time will tell how the Pelicans view the Lakers' players, but let's check in on their development and see how they rank with the help of statistical projections heading into the 2019 NBA trade deadline.