A-Rod shares his memories of 2019 Hall of Famers

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Editor's note: Alex Rodriguez was teammates with three of the four players voted into the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame class. In the days leading up to their enshrinement in Cooperstown, New York, A-Rod shares the stories of Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina -- as teammates, competitors and friends -- in his own words.

A-Rod on Mariano Rivera


A-Rod sheds light on being a teammates with Mariano Rivera

Alex Rodriguez describe how great of a teammate Mariano Rivera was and how much he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Rodriguez takes you inside the Yankees clubhouse to reveal how demanding -- and supportive -- Mariano Rivera was of his teammates.

Mo wasn't afraid to chew out 'somebody who needed it. Like me'

A-Rod on Mike Mussina


A-Rod talks friendship with Mussina

Alex Rodriguez compares the friendship he had with Mike Mussina to an "odd married couple" and discusses the struggles he had with him at the plate.

A-Rod's struggles facing Moose as an opponent became a blessing when they united in the Bronx.

'He was like a poker player who could always read me and my hand'

A-Rod on Edgar Martinez


A-Rod: I wanted to be just like Edgar Martinez

Alex Rodriguez describes how he learned from Edgar Martinez when the two were teammates with the Seattle Mariners.

What made Edgar Martinez such a great hitter? A-Rod takes a swing at explaining that -- plus he shares how the Mariners icon influenced him as a mentor.

'He would have a Ph.D. in hitting'