Mom of Kansas star-in-waiting to critics: Be quiet!

Greenberg says Kansas has 'limitations' (0:57)

Seth Greenberg says Kansas lost to a "more talented, more athletic" Texas Tech team at home on Tuesday. (0:57)

The mother of Billy Preston, the five-star Kansas recruit still sidelined by the investigation of a recent car accident, told critics of her son to "be quiet" in a series of tweets Tuesday night that referenced his situation.

In November, Bill Self told reporters the school's compliance staff wanted a "clearer financial picture" about the car Preston was driving during the on-campus accident before it would allow him to play.

Nicole Player, Preston's mom, posted tweets that suggest NCAA officials are now involved, too.

"I'm tired of being quiet," Player tweeted Tuesday night. "I'm sick of watching people bash my child but if he suited up tomorrow he'd be the next coming of Jesus Christ to you guys. Enough is enough. Be a fan, be supportive, be empathetic or just be quiet until the NCAA does what they have to do."

Preston, a 6-foot-10 forward ranked 18th in the 2017 class per ESPN.com, has not played this season for the Jayhawks. He missed the squad's season-opener against Tennessee State due to a violation of team rules. Then, the car accident triggered his prolonged absence.

"It's a situation right now where we think we could know any minute on what his situation is," Self told Hawk Talk Wednesday. "We actually feel very good about what the NCAA has in their hands what we submitted."

Through her tweets, Player said she and Preston have felt "persecuted" throughout the investigation. She also added she had the option of sending Preston overseas to make millions before he entered this summer's NBA draft but chose to stay because she's confident he will "be cleared" soon.

She also said he's innocent, which is why she allowed the NCAA "in her personal life."

"If I had anything to [hide], I could've pulled him in November," Player tweeted. "This is taxing and stressful. But he's there, being supportive. He hasn't bailed on his team. He's cheering and coaching [and] doing all he can."

On Tuesday night, Kansas lost to Texas Tech, the Jayhawks second loss at Phog Allen Fieldhouse this season.