Wright State freshman Ryan Custer undergoes spinal cord surgery

Wright State freshman Ryan Custer fractured his C5 vertebrae and underwent spinal cord surgery Saturday following an accident at an off-campus party at Miami University (Ohio).

"It's certainly hit everybody hard," Wright State coach Scott Nagy said. "It's not an easy thing for anybody to deal with. But there's also a lot of hope, too. We don't want to paint a picture like everything is awful because I think there's a lot of hope. Ryan is a very tough young man."

According to a police report, Custer and two of his teammates were at the party in Oxford on Saturday when Custer tried to dive into a makeshift pool through the legs of someone else at the party. Witnesses say he struck his head on the person's knee.

Custer, 19, lay motionless, face down in the water for 10-15 seconds before being removed from the pool. He was later airlifted to University Hospital in his hometown of Cincinnati.

Custer's family created a Facebook page to keep people updated on his condition. A recent post described a visit from Custer's teammates.

According to an earlier post, Custer was conscious during the flight to the hospital and when he arrived, and was able to speak to family members.