Giant Killers: Which Saturday games could be upsets?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We've now reached the round of 32, and Giant Killers is back with our metrics-based forecasts of big upsets. As usual, we're analyzing every remaining Giant vs. Killer game. (Quick reminder. A Giant Killer is any team that defeats an opponent seeded at least five lines higher in any round.)

Our statistical model yields an upset probability for each game, based on both the BPI of each team and on the stylistic factors that have most often led to tournament upsets in the past. As always, we've sorted our picks into four categories based on the likelihood of an upset: best bets, worth a long look, not completely crazy and stay away. (Those titles should be self-explanatory.)

Got that? Now, here's how Saturday's round of 32 looks from a Giant Killers perspective.