Daily fantasy football: Best buys for Week 11

How will Breida's injury affect the 49ers? (1:24)

Stephania Bell breaks down how Matt Breida's ankle injury could affect the 49ers' roster in Week 11. (1:24)

Success in daily fantasy comes down to your ability to find value, identify players in great matchups and maximize the relationships among the players on your roster (otherwise known as correlation). In other words, what are the week's best buys?

Each week, I'll go through every position and give you a few players I'm considering for my head-to-head lineups -- usually players who are getting as much volume as possible while also coming in at value prices. I'll also include some players I'm considering for my tournament pool. And while things may change from the time I write this article until game time, I'll do what I can to keep people updated on my various social media channels all the way up until kickoff on Sunday.