NBA DFS picks: Top daily fantasy plays for Friday

Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

Winning NBA DFS lineups are those that get the most bang out of every DFS buck. ESPN's Daily Fantasy Basketball picks are all about giving you the information you need to set your optimal lineup each and every day. Every morning, come back to find a brand-new DFS cheat sheet tailored to either DraftKings or FanDuel's pricing for that day's contests.

These cheat sheets, broken down by position and in order of their salary cap, will indicate whether a player is a good, great, poor or simply average value for the day. It's that simple. Pick the players you like with great value, fill it out with good value from games you like, and avoid the poor picks in any price range.

DraftKings DFS picks for Friday

FanDuel DFS picks for Friday

Here's how we help you set an optimal DFS lineup

It starts with identifying the best values of the day, no matter the position or price point. DFS value can be found in a backup center just as well as it can be found in the defending NBA MVP. It's not just a question of selecting All-Stars or picking on a team with a struggling defense. The obvious choices are obvious, and they are priced that way. Current DFS pricing more often than not reflects the commonly perceived value of a player in any particular game, factoring in recent performance and changes to NBA rotations.

Find that one quality lineup: What you need is a tool to look beyond the matchup surface, to cut through the recent noise and to analyze each player's price without bias. That's where André Snellings' DFS projections come in. Snelling's projection system uses advanced analytics to suss out the best and worst values by comparing each player's projected output for the night with his DFS price point. In cash games and head-to-head settings, winning is achieved not by putting together dozens of lineups, but by meticulously narrowing down options to a single, optimal lineup. In tournaments, finding low-owned values that others are overlooking or are biased against can be a key way to differentiate.

• Large sample size is key. We can help. The larger the sample size you look at, the better, and the more significant underlying stats you include, the more predictive the data. Snellings generates ESPN's DFS cheat sheets to do all the heavy lifting for you, crunching the numbers and evaluating all the important aspects of the matchup -- from basics like team pace and individual usage to rotational changes and quality of opposing defenses -- to find the best objective values without overreacting to small sample size performance or factors that don't matter.