DFS: DraftKings picks for Tuesday

Max Muncy of the Dodgers has homered in each of his last three games, helping to make him a solid DFS selection on Tuesday. AP

The DraftKings cheat sheet is a set of player recommendations for the day's daily fantasy baseball slate. It is driven by statistical calculations that consider a variety of factors, including opposing hitters and pitchers, bullpens, ballparks, weather, and more. Rankings are based on value, not raw production.

If David Dahl is labeled a "Great" play while Mike Trout is an "Average" play, it doesn't mean Dahl is a better player than Trout -- it means given his price and matchup today, rostering him will better allow you to maximize the total points in your DFS lineup. Trout may be overpriced and a waste of money in this particular matchup.

Note: Players with a salary of less than $3,500 and a rating of "poor" are not listed below as they can safely be ignored for today's games. All recommendations assume the player is in the starting lineup.