German Grand Prix: Radio Ga Ga - Chaos, confusion and controversy in Germany

Why Hamilton deserved a tougher penalty (1:57)

Craig Scarborough joins Jennie Gow to argue that Lewis Hamilton should have faced a harsher penalty for crossing the pit lane entrance in Germany. (1:57)

A round-up of the best radio soundbites from the crazy and chaotic German Grand Prix, where Sebastian Vettel crashed out from the lead, Lewis Hamilton won from 14th on the grid and the two title-contending teams issued controversial orders to their drivers during the race.

"Guys, I need to make it back... it's trundling"
"No, no, stop stop, stop stop."

Despite his protests, Lewis Hamilton is told to stop his car as it encounters the failure which saw him eliminated from Q1 in Germany.

"Woo hoo! Adrenalina! Adrenalina!"

By contrast, Sebastian Vettel enjoyed a brilliant Saturday and was clearly helped to pole position by the frenzied home crowd.

"Oop. Thanks for that."

Nico Hulkenberg opens his radio channel to thank the two Force India drivers as they run wide while fighting for position early in the race, helping him gain two places in one corner.

Team orders at Ferrari

"This is just silly, I'm just losing time and destroying my tyres."

"Don't you see the tyre temperature? Can you see it?"
"Yes, we see that."
"Then what are you waiting for?"

After several laps behind the other red car of Kimi Raikkonen, an increasingly frustrated Vettel asks Ferrari why there haven't told his teammate to move aside.

"So Kimi, this is Jock. You're aware both cars need to look after tyres and you two are on different strategies. Your strategies are slightly different and we'd like you not to hold up Seb."

Shortly afterwards, Jock Clear gives a thinly-veiled instruction to Raikkonen...

"Err. Sorry but... can you be more direct? I don't know what you want me to do."

...although it was obviously not clear enough for Raikkonen.

"Losing as little time as possible obviously, where you can.. Seb is capable of going quicker but is hurting his tyres. And you are as well... we need to look after them."

Clear tries again but delivers an even more ambiguous message to the no-nonsense Finn.

"So, you want me to let him go? Basically, just tell me!"

That prompts Raikkonen, clearly fed up with the lack of clarity, to ask Ferrari to just say everyone knew they were asking from him.

Rain chaos and more team orders

"Yeah it's raining, but not where you guys are. So I'm not sure which option is better..."

Max Verstappen gives some feedback likely heard up and down the pit lane at every team, as the scattered rain leaves strategists scratching their heads about what the right course of action should be.

"F--- sake! F--- sake! Sorry guys. Agghh, f-- sake."

Having slid off the circuit and into the wall, Vettel's voice wobbles with emotion as he apologises to Ferrari for letting a win slip through his fingers.

"Box box box box box box box..."
"Kimi's staying out!?"
"No stay out, stay out... in in in in in in in in in in in!"

The moment of confusion which led to the controversial post-race investigation of Hamilton. Having been told to pit, Hamilton notices Raikkonen stay out -- race engineer Peter Bonnington appears to change his mind, and then change it again. On hearing the final message, Hamilton takes matters into his own hands, bailing out across the pit entrance...

"I was at the entry, man... Are we in trouble?"

Hamilton senses there might be trouble brewing. Despite the subsequent investigation, he would escape with his victory intact.

"Valtteri it's James. Please hold position. I'm sorry."

After seeing Hamilton and Bottas go wheel to wheel at the Safety Car restart, Mercedes chief strategist James Vowles intervenes to ensure the team gets to the chequered flag with maximum points.

"Get in there Lewis! Miracles do happen mate."

Bonnington congratulates Hamilton on the drive the four-time world champion would later rank as the best of his career.