Daniel Ricciardo surprised Valtteri Bottas didn't attempt pass on Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain

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SHANGHAI, China -- Daniel Ricciardo says he would have risked an overtake on Sebastian Vettel at the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix if he had been in Valtteri Bottas' position.

Bottas was in second place in the closing stages of the race and closing on Vettel's Ferrari for the lead when he finally got within DRS range on the final lap. But wary of throwing away a podium finish, the Mercedes driver only looked to the inside of the Ferrari before backing out and settling for second.

Having retired from the race on lap two with an electrical issue, Ricciardo was watching from his hotel room by the time Bottas had his chance to overtake.

"I was cheering for some excitement for sure," he said. "I don't mind if Seb wins, Valtteri wins, I was not bothered, but for sure, I was watching and I was like 'make a move, go, go, go!' because obviously the fans want to see it as well. But obviously he didn't.

"Maybe in Valtteri's head he was like 'I will get him in Turn 4' in the end. For me, at the first opportunity you have to take it. If he locked up and went wide, he's still finishing second, so...

"Anyway, I don't want to tell him all of my tips of what I would do but I wouldn't be content -- if it's for a win, you just can't. That's not in me at least, I don't think."

Speaking about Max Verstappen's controversial overtaking attempt on Lewis Hamilton earlier in the race -- which resulted in a collision and Verstappen's retirement - Ricciardo said his Red Bull teammate should have left Hamilton more space.

"Honest opinion, because I will be honest: Look it didn't deserve a penalty, so that was fine, but it reminded me a little bit -- it was different -- but it reminded me a little bit of me and [Nico] Rosberg in Budapest [in 2015] where Rosberg kind of kept coming and I was on the exit kerb, and I had nowhere else to go.

"I think Max had the move already, I just don't think he needed to run Lewis all of the way to the kerb. I think regardless Max would have stayed ahead, he's just a little bit too greedy in my racing opinion.

"I heard some people say Lewis could have lifted and pulled out, but like you're there, unless you turned off the track or braked. It's easier said than done. As I said, I think Max was there. I don't think because Lewis was so tight as well, he wasn't going to make Turn 2 with any form of speed so even if Max hung around the outside, I think Max would have had him regardless. Squeezed him a little bit too much in my opinion."

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