Sergio Perez unimpressed with Trump-gaffe sponsors reconciliation attempt

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

YAS MARINA, Abu Dhabi -- Sergio Perez says he will not budge on his decision to drop sunglasses brand Hawkers following their Donald Trump joke, despite its plans to set up a children's charity to make amends.

Perez reacted angrily to a tweet from the company after Trump's victory in America's general election, which poked fun at the businessman's controversial comments about building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Hawkers had said Mexicans could use their glasses to hide their "crying eyes" when they were constructing the wall.

Last week Hawkers attempted to make amends by taking out a full-page advert in a national newspaper to apologies and revealing it was contributing $25,000 (USD) to a children's charity set up in Perez's name. However, Perez is unmoved by the company's latest attempts at reconciliation.

"No, I didn't change [my opinion]. I have new sunglasses. My relationship finished with them so, yeah, I don't have any more sunglasses sponsor."

Perez was unimpressed by the fact Hawkers chose to apologise to him in public without contacting him privately.

"No, I didn't find it... I think if they want to help, it is up to them. I have my foundation and I do a lot for charity and it will be good for them to do so.

"But they didn't contact me directly, they did it all through social media which I didn't find good but it is all over now and if they want to help then they should help without me."