Overwatch League power rankings through Stage 3, Week 3

Overwatch League Stage 3, Week 3 Power Rankings (7:58)

ESPN's Darin Kwilinski and Miles Yim break down who's in and who's out in this week's Overwatch League power rankings. (7:58)

1. San Francisco Shock

Record: 4-1 | Map W/L/T: 17-5-0 | Map Diff: +12 | Change: +1

Rejoice, San Franciscans, the Titans are down. Finally, after half a season of Vancouver reigning over our power rankings, the Shock (with a little help from a certain winged Los Angeles team) are the top team. San Francisco might have been stunned by the Houston Outlaws and struggled versus the Atlanta Reign, but with the meta -- knock on wood -- shifting away from the stagnant triple-tank, triple-support setup, the Shock appear more primed to adapt than their northwestern rival. In other news, with Overwatch League creating a special octopus-themed skin for Bang "JJonak" Sung-hyeon for winning MVP in 2018, Jay "sinatraa" Won might want to start thinking about what type of skin he would like to see on Zarya.

2. Vancouver Titans

Record: 5-1 | Map W/L/T: 17-7-0 | Map Diff: +10 | Change: -1

The streak is over. The Titans have been defeated in a regular-season Overwatch League game. Their Winston-Sombra look that they brought out for Park "Bumper" Sang-beom and Seo "SeoMinSoo" Min-soo as a response to the Valiant didn't appear like the strongest answer, even with Kim "Haksal" Hyo-jong on Genji.

The rumored 2-2-2 roster composition lock looms on the horizon, and with it come questions of just how strong the Titans will be in a more DPS-oriented meta. More specifically, a Sombra meta. The jury is still out on this. Vancouver looked significantly more comfortable when returning to triple-triple and didn't play particularly well around EMP. Previously, Haksal was the team's Sombra player, but we saw SeoMinSoo swap onto her, as well.


Record: 4-0 | Map W/L/T: 13-5-0 | Map Diff: +8 | Change: --

It's working. For more than a year, the Excelsior were the spotlighted team in the Overwatch League. They had the best player in the world, the fanfare and the incredible streaks. Yet, when they were forced to actually perform in the playoffs, they reverted back to the form that saw them choke in South Korea under the Luxury Watch brand and flame out of the postseason. With everyone talking (rightfully so) about the Shock and Titans this season, NYXL is finally flying under the radar, and guess what? The Shock lost to the Outlaws and the Titans lost to the Valiant while New York took care of business. Let's keep forgetting New York and focus on everyone else, for their sake.

4. Hangzhou Spark

Record: 4-1 | Map W/L/T: 14-5-2 | Map Diff: +9 | Change: +1

If you want a team that will thrive in a DPS meta, we present the Hangzhou Spark. It's unfair to lump in all of the Chinese teams under the Chengdu Hunters umbrella and say that the four teams represented by Chinese cities love DPS play. Yet, Hangzhou has the firepower to do really well following the rumored 2-2-2 meta shift, with multiple DPS specialists available that they can swap from. And they already were doing well, as the team has come together and begun to gel, with main tank Xu "guxue" Qiulin having stronger communication with his team during each subsequent stage.

5. Los Angeles Gladiators

Record: 3-2 | Map W/L/T: 13-7-0 | Map Diff: +6 | Change: -1

The Gladiators find themselves in a familiar position. They showed signs of possibly making a run for one of the top spots in the league and challenging the big three of the Shock, Titans and Excelsior, but it feels like the Hangzhou Spark have taken up that mantle in recent weeks. Instead, the Gladiators are back where they started the season -- good enough to make a semifinal run and beat up on the dregs of the league, but not a team you would feel confident backing in a best-of-seven series against a team like the Titans. And like clockwork, here come the Valiant, rising up the standings and challenging for the title of best Overwatch team in Los Angeles.

6. Seoul Dynasty

Record: 3-2 | Map W/L/T: 14-7-0 | Map Diff: +7 | Change: --

The Seoul Dynasty are a few key decisions away from defeating the Hangzhou Spark and moving up in the rankings. In a week with multiple highlight matches, one of the must-watch contests from Week 3 is certainly Hangzhou-Seoul. Seoul's EMP usage wasn't as strong as we've seen from the team in the past. (Remember, they ran Sombra in their Stage 1 playoffs upset against the New York Excelsior.)

Even with the loss, Seoul are a strong team. We might not always agree with their midmatch roster moves, but they're the only team that has seen success with them.

7. London Spitfire

Record: 3-2 | Map W/L/T: 11-9-1 | Map Diff: +2 | Change: --

We're almost there, London; don't give up now. It has been over half a season of triple-tank, triple-support, but there is more diversity in heroes being played, and with DPS heroes trickling into compositions, that can only mean good things for London. The Spitfire are not a team that has thrived in the meta that has cast a cloud over the 2019 season, and a shift in what's viable is all it could take to bring London from a middling squad to one that can challenge for back-to-back championships.

8. Los Angeles Valiant

Record: 4-1 | Map W/L/T: 14-6-0 | Map Diff: +8 | Change: +6

When the Los Angeles Valiant went up 2-1 after Eichenwalde, you could feel the upset taking shape. The Valiant had a better understanding of how to play around their Sombra. It was in the air. Or as English-language caster Wolf Schröder said as the Valiant were beginning their Dorado attack run, "It's not over, but it feels like it is, doesn't it?"

One of Week 3's most valuable players is the Valiant's flex support player Park "KariV" Young-seo, whose Biotic Grenades and Sleep Darts seemingly didn't miss hitting their targets on every single map.

9. Shanghai Dragons

Record: 3-1 | Map W/L/T: 10-7-0 | Map Diff: +3 | Change: -1

It feels a little unfair that Shanghai went down after losing to a team that then went on to be the first side to topple the Titans in the regular season. The Dragons have been one of the better teams in the Overwatch League over the past two months, and their DPS lineup has only become stronger as the season has progressed. Actually, there is a good chance that the Dragons finish the third stage as one of the best in the league, currently at a 3-1 record, with their final trio of games being a brace with the Guangzhou Charge and one with the up-and-down Philadelphia Fusion. If the Dragons take care of business during the next two weeks, look for them to challenge for a top-five position in our rankings.

10. Philadelphia Fusion

Record: 2-2 | Map W/L/T: 6-10-1 | Map Diff: -4 | Change: +1

The Philadelphia Fusion return to their perpetual existence just in or just outside of the top 10 this week with a close win over the Atlanta Reign. They bet on their triple-triple mirror composition against Atlanta for the majority of the match and won, despite being surprised by certain bunker compositions that Atlanta like to run on Ilios. That being said, the Fusion are another team that is likely looking forward to a more DPS-oriented meta, especially with the success of the team after a similar meta shift (toward double sniper) last season in their unlikely run to the grand finals.