Flamengo mid laner Goku's father dies after both involved in car crash

Goku, mid laner for Brazil's Flamengo. Provided by Riot Games

Bruno "Goku" Miyaguchi, mid laner for Brazil's Flamengo, suffered minor injuries in a car accident that killed his father, Nelson Eiti Chidi, on Thursday night in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

According to Campo Grande News website, the police report states the accident was caused by another driver who was following a tractor-trailer and, by attempting to overtake two vehicles in a prohibited area, forced Goku to brake the car he was driving.

The player eventually lost control of the car and collided with the right side of one of the trucks. The driver who attempted to pass the vehicles submitted to a blood alcohol test, but the result was negative. He was then taken to the municipal police station.

Flamengo confirmed the accident for ESPN Esports Brazil but gave no further details. The team also posted on Twitter their condolences to Goku, offering any necessary assistance to the player.

Goku posted on Twitter about the accident, saying his father "is the best man I know and has always been an idol to me."

He continued: "I know he'll be watching me from above and I will do everything to keep making him proud."

As for his injuries, Goku said he suffered "minor cuts and scratches" and is only concerned "with a semi-deep cut on my left index finger." However, he said he considers it a miracle to be alive, walking, and moving his hands.

"Smile and hug your parents while they are here," said the player.

ESPN Brazil contributed to this report.