SonicFox undeterred by Red Bull Final Summoning loss

Breathe easy, Dragon Ball FighterZ fans: Dominique "SonicFox" McLean will return for future episodes of the game's world tour.

With the announcement of a second Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour following Ryota "Kazunoko" Inoue's victory at the Red Bull Final Summoning on Sunday in Los Angeles, the community can look forward to more action from one of the best fighting games in the business. As for the competitive player group, you should expect to see more from the talented SonicFox, who entered the event as one of the favorites but fell short.

The Echo Fox player was the best hope for a North American champion at the tournament. Unfortunately for those who cheered him on, he finished in a disappointing fifth place with a team that looked and played very similarly to one of his team shells from early in the game's life (Bardock, Hit and Android 16). It was not a result that many who follow SonicFox were used to, himself included, but he was not as active in the latter half of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour after securing his finals spot.

SonicFox's suffocating pressure was still apparent, but his ability to control space and earn scramble victories seemed to wane compared to his peers. After the tournament, SonicFox posted on social media to reflect on his poor performance and said he too often would "tilt from dropping combos" during the performance.

Despite those mistakes and a disappointing finish, SonicFox remained optimistic. He mentioned his continuing hunger to do better in the game and, despite his agreement that he is still one of the best players in the world, said he is motivated to be that and more. In signature SonicFox style, he said he would come back better after the loss, possibly with another new team to serve his purpose.

SonicFox has made it to the pinnacle of every game he has sunk his teeth into. With the launch of Mortal Kombat 11 on the horizon and the inclusion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as one of his titles of interest, it could be a very busy year for the multi-game champion. But this loss will likely compel SonicFox to continue his DBFZ career, if only to get the victory that avoided him this weekend.