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Worlds 2018 quarterfinal predictions

Will Rookie defeat his former team? Will the teamfight gods prevail against the 1-3-1 team? Will practice beat out Fortnite? Find out in our quarterfinal predictions.

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Team Liquid's worlds exit marred by scared play

This was supposed to be a confident Team Liquid, North America's No. 1 seed in the League of Legends World Championship. Instead the team played not to lose and will return home disappointed.

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CaliSCG shows off in FIFA 19

The San Jose Earthquakes' eMLS representative talks about the league and streaming life with host Alvin Zeidenfeld.


Team Liquid

TL Olleh following Liquid's exit

Ovilee May speaks with TL support Olleh following their early exit from the LoL World Championships. Tune in for the quarterfinals starting Saturday on ESPN+.


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League of Legends World Championship

C9 Sneaky on making quarterfinals

Ovilee May talks with Cloud9 bot laner Sneaky after Cloud9 qualifies for the quarterfinals after going 3-1 on Day 5 of the League of Legends World Championships. Catch all the action on ESPN+.



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  • Illustration by Richard Roberts
  • Game: Interrupted

    How a teenage gamer in the hottest new esport, Overwatch, became a reluctant icon for South Korea's feminist movement.

  • Helena Kristiansson/Dreamhack
  • Jaedong fights the end of his career with reckless abandon

    His grueling practice regimen has become an act of physical self-destruction. The best doctors in South Korea have urged him to quit. For Jaedong, the pain is worth even a single glimpse of his former glory days.

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  • There will never be another Overwatch team like RunAway

    Runner prepared to call it quits. But his wife stopped him. "The kids deserve one last shot," she said. So they persevered, and against all odds, sponsorships poured in. Fans started donating necessities. It was as if the world had RunAway's back.


  • The unique strategy of Dota 2

    While League of Legends might have a higher profile, Dota 2 boasts a gigantic purse and a different strategy. The bar for entry is high, but with a little help, Dota 2 can be enjoyable.

  • Guide to League of Legends

    League of Legends is the king of the esports hill. What is it about this free-to-play MOBA that has the world clicking like mad? Here's your guide to LoL and what to expect in 2016.


  • Richard Roberts
  • The Unkillable Demon King

    19-year-old Faker came out of nowhere to become the first true global star of gaming. But can the League of Legends prodigy carry a nation on his shoulders?

  • 16:20
  • E:60 - Throne of Games

    E:60 takes an unprecedented look inside the world of professional video game competitions through the journey of the Dota2 team known as the Evil Geniuses and their quest for a share of the $18.4 million tournament prize pool.

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