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EVO 2018

The best untold stories of Evo

From betting on footraces to a 32-person tournament in a bathroom, these are the biggest moments in Evo history that you've never heard about.

Evo 2018: The Success of SSBM

While Super Smash Bros. Melee is known for having one of the most passionate player bases across all of esports, it's had its fair share of problems with Evo. Tyler Erzberger says it has more than earned its place at the event.


NA LCS By The Numbers

League of Legends

NA LCS by the numbers -- Team Liquid riding the blue side wave

Team Liquid has won five straight, but they have been on the blue side of Summoner's Rift for four of those five. How much has that impacted the success of the team?

Team Liquid by the Numbers

2018 has been a wild year in the NA LCS. The summer split specifically has led way to some crazy numbers, mainly blue side wins. Here's how Team Liquid is profiting.


EVO 2018

No matter what the future brings, Evo clings to its roots

In the midst of a changing esports landscape run by billion-dollar companies, the Evolution Championship Series should hang onto its grassroots as long as it can, especially for longtime caster James Chen.

SonicFox adds yet another Evo trophy to his storied legacy

In front of a packed house at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Dominique "SonicFox" McLean added to his legacy once more after winning Dragon Ball FighterZ's Evolution Championship Series debut.

Evo 2018 ushers in a new era of Super Smash Bros. Melee

It's the beginning of the end. Say goodbye to the "five gods." It's all about Leffen now.



Hauntzer opens up about TSM's struggles

Team SoloMid's lost five of its past six NA LCS matches, and the former juggernaut is on the outside looking in for worlds.

Evo 2018 Videos

Xavier Woods on the FGC

WWE star Xavier Woods discusses Evo and the importance of the fighting game community.


Daigo talks about his history with EVO

Daigo Umehara sits down with Tyler Erzberger to talk about his history with the Evolution Championship Series and what it has done for him and his brand.


Evo 2018: Smash 4 Day 1 highlights

Catch up on the Evolution Championship Series here.


Evo 2018: Daigo vs. Hori

The man, the myth, the legend fights with his tournament life on the line.


EVO 2018


10-time Evolution Championship Series champion Justin Wong spoke on how the 11,000-plus-attendee event has changed since he case to his first one in 2001. Wong has won Evo titles in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Jacob Wolf, ESPN Staff Writer10d ago

In his sixth appearance at Evolution Championship Series, Zachary "SFAT" Cordoni spoke about how the event has changed and how the competition shapes up in the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament in Las Vegas.

Jacob Wolf, ESPN Staff Writer10d ago


ESPN's Top 10 esports plays of July

ESPN's Top 10 esports plays of July



Here's looking at you, kid: The saga of Hungrybox

From facing "the Smash gods," internet trolls and online haters, if there's one thing Hungrybox has realized, it's that his biggest challenge is facing himself.

Smash Ultimate presents opportunities and issues

Smash Ultimate's December release has fans around the world excited, but tournament organizers face new problems planning next year's events.

SK Telecom T1

With Faker benched, SKT searches for identity

The best player in the history of League of Legends, Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, is on the bench. How did this happen, and what is going on in the mid lane of SK Telecom T1?

The Fall of the Unkillable Demon King?

After seeing teammates rotate in and out of the lineup around him for much of the year, Faker now finds himself riding the bench. Ovilee May and Emily Rand explore.


North America League Championship Series

League of Legends

League of Legends global power rankings through July 31

Invictus Gaming holds on to the top spot just because they keep winning, but Royal Never Give Up is hot in its heels.

How OpTic Gaming is rising in the NA LCS

If the NA LCS were to end today, OpTic Gaming, one of the league's bottom feeders from the spring split, would find itself squarely in the playoffs. Here's how the new LCS team has climbed through the ranks.

Overwatch League

Grand Finals

Overwatch League Season 1 takeaways

Emily Rand and Tyler Erzberger discuss their favorite moments, the teams that still have something left to prove and what they'll remember most from Season 1.

London Spitfire finally reaches new heights

The London Spitfire, brimming with South Korean talent, finally found its stride in the Overwatch League playoffs and rode that momentum all the way to the title.

How Blizzard convinced sports billionaires to buy into the Overwatch League

On the day of the Overwatch League Season 1 finals at a sold-out Barclay's Center, here's the inside story of how Blizzard courted traditional sports owners to buy in to the most ambitious new venture in esports.

Overwatch League

Finals Highlights

Overwatch League finals highlight: Spitfire vs. Fusion

Despite a few good moments, the Fusion were no match for the high-flying London Spitfire.


Profit, the one-man army

An MVP-caliber performance from Profit helps the Spitfire secure its first OWL championship.





League of Legends global power rankings through July 23

There's a new king in town after a few upsets during Week 5 of the League of Legends Summer Split.

LoL Global Power Rankings: 7/23

After a crazy Week 5 that saw our previous No. 1 go winless, the Global League of Legends Power Rankings return with a bang. Which team replaces RNG?




Overwatch League

Season 1 playoffs

Fusion upsets NYXL to join Spitfire in Overwatch League finals

The Philadelphia Fusion punched its ticket to the inaugural Overwatch League Playoffs grand finals after stunning the New York Excelsior.

Spitfire punches ticket to Overwatch League finals

The London Spitfire smashed the Los Angeles Valiant's hopes of winning the inaugural Overwatch League Playoffs and made it on to the finals.

Hayward still fan of esports, not yet investor

NBA All-Star forward Gordon Hayward said on Thursday that he's considered investing in esports but feels it's "over [his] head."


Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward talks about how his fellow NBA players have adopted esports and gaming in the past few years. Hayward, who has a long-tenured relationship with League of Legends, is promoting Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 at an Xfinity event in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In June, the Fortnite Pro-Am at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles featured six NBA players; Hayward said he was supposed to participate but could not as a result of a second surgery to his leg, which he broke in October in the Celtics' opening game versus the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jacob Wolf, ESPN Staff Writer26d ago

Rift Rivals

League of Legends

The hangover of Rift Rivals

And the most important question of all: Is Rift Rivals even worth it?



League of Legends global power rankings through July 16

Griffin, the young upstarts in the LCK, has cracked the upper echelon on the power rankings.

LoL Global Power Rankings: 7/16

Griffin has taken the LCK by storm with a hot start to the Summer Split, but it's taken our panel a little bit longer to warm up to them. However, after another unbeaten week, Griffin ascends to make its debut in the Top 5.




NA LCS: 100 Thieves vs. Team SoloMid

Catch all the NA LCS action here.



Overwatch League playoffs - Spitfire vs. Gladiators

Catch all the Overwatch League action here.


Explaining Boston Uprising's fall from grace

The Boston Uprising were an Overwatch League title contender after their illustrious Stage 3 performance, but their season soon went off the rails.

Overwatch League MVP JJoNak: 'So, [it's] 30 percent hard work, 70 percent talent'

Was there anyone more dominant in the Overwatch League than JJoNak? The simple answer is no, and that's why he's the league's first MVP.


League of Legends

What would a League World Cup look like?

With Croatia facing France on Sunday and the Overwatch World Cup finals in November, we wondered: What would a League World Cup look like?

What would a LoL World Cup look like?

With the world focused in on the FIFA World Cup going on in Russia, Emily Rand joins Treavor Scales to break down what her rosters would look like in a League of Legends World Cup.


Overwatch League comes to ESPN, Disney and ABC

In all, professional Overwatch will be broadcast in some fashion on the flagship ESPN network, ESPN2, Disney XD and ABC and streaming services through the Overwatch League playoffs and Season 2 next year.

Fusion opens OWL playoffs with win over Uprising

The Philadelphia Fusion took down the Boston Uprising in a 3-1 victory on Wednesday, going up 1-0 in the series and kicking off the postseason at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California.

Gladiators dominant in opening playoff match vs. Spitfire

The Los Angeles Gladiators defeated the London Spitfire in a 3-0 victory on Wednesday night, going 1-0 in the series and closing out the first day of the postseason at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California.


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  • League of Legends 2018 Hub

    Recaps for NA and EU LCS, LPL and LCK. Power Rankings. Standings. Features. It's all on our League of Legends hub page.

Dota 2 landing page

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  • 2018 Dota 2 Hub

    Recaps, features and videos on Dota 2 majors, The International and more.


  • Illustration by Richard Roberts
  • Game: Interrupted

    How a teenage gamer in the hottest new esport, Overwatch, became a reluctant icon for South Korea's feminist movement.

  • Helena Kristiansson/Dreamhack
  • Jaedong fights the end of his career with reckless abandon

    His grueling practice regimen has become an act of physical self-destruction. The best doctors in South Korea have urged him to quit. For Jaedong, the pain is worth even a single glimpse of his former glory days.

  • Provided by kenzi/FOMOS
  • There will never be another Overwatch team like RunAway

    Runner prepared to call it quits. But his wife stopped him. "The kids deserve one last shot," she said. So they persevered, and against all odds, sponsorships poured in. Fans started donating necessities. It was as if the world had RunAway's back.


  • The unique strategy of Dota 2

    While League of Legends might have a higher profile, Dota 2 boasts a gigantic purse and a different strategy. The bar for entry is high, but with a little help, Dota 2 can be enjoyable.

  • Guide to League of Legends

    League of Legends is the king of the esports hill. What is it about this free-to-play MOBA that has the world clicking like mad? Here's your guide to LoL and what to expect in 2016.


  • Richard Roberts
  • The Unkillable Demon King

    19-year-old Faker came out of nowhere to become the first true global star of gaming. But can the League of Legends prodigy carry a nation on his shoulders?

  • 16:20
  • E:60 - Throne of Games

    E:60 takes an unprecedented look inside the world of professional video game competitions through the journey of the Dota2 team known as the Evil Geniuses and their quest for a share of the $18.4 million tournament prize pool.

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