CFB bettor's team insights: Week 3

Notre Dame faltered late as they held off Ball State last week at home, so how has practice in anticipation of a veteran Vanderbilt team coming to town on Saturday? Marcus Snowden/Icon Sportswire

"You play like you practice."

The old coaches' adage is mostly true. To know what's likely to happen on Saturday, you've got to know what's happening in the meeting rooms and on the practice fields during the week. That's why the college football bettor's team notes file will be here for you every Friday with the inside word on weekly preparations around the country. We'll check in on depth charts, game plans, personnel and health, while unmasking practice standouts ready to break out and assessing the quality of prep, who's distracted and who's dialed in, the mood of the fans and the coaches' message for the week.

Let's dive into Week 3.

Lines and totals from Westgate sportsbook, as of Friday.

Georgia Southern Eagles vs. No. 2 Clemson Tigers (-33)

12 p.m. ET, Saturday

With Hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas, all local games involving FBS home teams have either been canceled or moved to an earlier date or time. Normally the visiting team has more obstacles to interrupt their focus that they overcome, but severe weather events mean local players and coaches are concerned about their families -- making it so the host has more trouble focusing during preparation. That's especially true when the opponent doesn't seem to present a credible threat, but if the returns from the practice fields are any judge (and they usually are), Clemson might be