Would a rule have better chance of passing if not proposed by Patriots?

PHOENIX -- The New England Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champions and after an aggressive offseason personnel-wise, they rank No. 1 in ESPN's just-released power rankings.

The Patriots as the team to beat is something NFL owners have grown accustomed to over the last decade-plus, and how the team is viewed by some was summed up in this tweet by USA Today reporter Jarrett Bell:

Bell's tweet is in reference to how in 2015, the Patriots had proposed to allow coaches to challenge anything, including penalties. That didn't pass, but it is on the table for discussion again this year with the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks teaming up to propose it. Also, Washington has a proposal this year that would eliminate the requirement that a team is successful on its first two challenges to gain a third challenge.

The Patriots haven't proposed any rule changes this year, and Bill Belichick -- who arrived Sunday and took part in meetings Monday -- is scheduled to depart before Tuesday's AFC media breakfast due to a scouting conflict.

As for why Belichick hasn't proposed any rule changes in each of the last two years, Bell's tweet might provide some insight as to his thinking.

Some around the league apparently view proposals differently based on which team is behind it, and maybe Belichick senses anything from the Patriots would be dead on arrival.