Tom Brady takes on a sumo wrestler in Japan

At 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady generally stands out from the crowd when he's not in an NFL locker room.

But when he's sitting with his son in between a bunch of sumo wrestlers, Brady looks more like the skinny sixth-round pick from Michigan than a five-time Super Bowl champ.

Arigatōgozaimashita 🇯🇵🙏

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Brady vs Brady #therecanonlybeone 🏆

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But Brady didn't just pose for funny pictures -- he also went head-to-head against a sumo wrestler.

@tombrady always fighting for that extra yard. 😂😂 #TBAsiaTour #IWILL

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Brady, who is currently on an Under Armour promotional tour in Asia, was in Tokyo on Wednesday after a stop in China to visit the Great Wall and Shanghai earlier this week.

"I am excited about the opportunity to be able to connect with the people in China and Japan, experience the incredible culture and share my love for the game with my fans," Brady said before the trip. "The tour will be rewarding for me as I experience Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo. I hope to learn more about the next generation of athletes in Asia and to inspire them to always push boundaries through hard work, dedication, humility and perseverance both on and off the field."

While Patriots fans take in a few laughs, the rest of the league has to wonder -- what if Brady is foreshadowing a potential sumo offensive line for next season? Those guys would surely be tough to outmaneuver.

--Isaac Chipps