Chargers' Tom Telesco offers draft board peek: 'More defense than offense'

One of the best talent evaluators at keeping information close to the vest, Los Angeles Chargers general manager Tom Telesco provided few nuggets of information during his pre-draft news conference Monday.

However, one thing Telesco conceded is there appears to be more talented defensive players rated higher on his draft board.

Telesco's assessment matches up with ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr.'s final big board -- 13 of his top 20 players from the defensive side of the football.

Offensive line, receiver, safety and defensive line are the Chargers' top needs in my view. But because of the way the draft sets up, the Chargers probably will go with a defensive player early if they stay at No. 7.

"The board will tell us where to go," Telesco said. "There are positions on our team we like to add to, but we'll never pass a special player for a need. The draft board will kind of tell us where to go with that.

"I will say, this year's draft seems a little more defense than offense. But it changes year to year. Sometimes you don't even realize until after the draft where you see where players go, because we only have players ranked how we see them, not [how] the rest of the league [does]. It's hard to say, but we can really use players on both sides of the ball anyway so it works out well."

Another important consideration for Telesco and his personnel department is fit. With new head coach Anthony Lynn hired in January, the Chargers had to adjust on the fly to a new scheme and characteristics on players his new coaching staff desire on the roster.

Telesco acknowledged that will have an effect on the team's draft board as they prepare for Thursday.

"A lot of the draft is eliminating the players who don't fit for you either scheme-wise or culture-wise," Telesco said. "[You] try to narrow down that list. When we start off, there's probably 3,000 prospects and the end amount, we're probably looking at under 200 as far as on draft day that we're drafting out of."