Going deep with Jacoby Brissett: Colts QB and conspiracy theorist

Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett isn't afraid to ask the big questions. Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports

INDIANAPOLIS -- Picture this: You're sitting in class -- elementary, junior high, high school or even college -- and the teacher explains the answer to a problem.

But then there's always one kid who interrogates the teacher on why that's the answer.

Over and over again.

That's Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett.

"Oh yeah, that was me and is still me," he said laughing. "I'm a conspiracy theorist. Things like that intrigue me. I got it from reading a lot."

Brissett spent time during the offseason on Twitter and asking some questions that provoked some deep thoughts.

Those are actual questions Brissett wondered about during group texts with three of his college friends. The four didn't come up with the answer, so they told Brissett he should tweet the questions out since he has the biggest social media following among the group (59,400 Twitter followers).

Did they find the answers?

"Nope, still don't know," Brissett said. "We always have tried to find the answer, but it always goes back to somebody finding a rebuttal. So there's no clear answer."

That's Brissett's personality. He's a thinker who will quickly zing you if you don't ask the question properly or if he believes you are asking a question for which you already know the answer. Brissett will tell you he didn't take communications classes at North Carolina State just for fun. He knew he'd be using those skills at some point.

"He likes to have a little bit of fun, too," left tackle Anthony Castonzo said.

When Brissett isn't group-texting with his friends, he's shutting off his surroundings and meditating daily. He started doing that shortly after Andrew Luck retired three weeks ago, making him the Colts new starting quarterback.

Does Brissett have a favorite place to meditate?

"On the bus, in the bathroom, wherever I can," he said.

That's what Brissett did to prepare for his first start in the post-Luck era against the Los Angeles Chargers last Sunday. Brissett was 21-of-27 for 190 yards and two touchdowns.

Don't expect the quarterback to change his meditating -- or question-asking -- ways if he continues to have that kind of consistency going forward for the Colts.

"Some guys are gonna meditate, some guys are gonna watch tape, some guys are gonna listen to music," Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni said. "It depends on who you are and what you do, but what we try to preach is have a routine. Have a routine so you can focus on the game and not think about the game being too big."