Colts' first pick Malik Hooker spent draft day visiting children's hospital

INDIANAPOLIS -- Malik Hooker could have spent his draft day hanging with family members. He could have spent most of the day trying to decide what outfit he wanted to wear that night when his name was announced by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Hooker could have spent the day pacing around wondering which team was going to select him.


The Ohio State product spent part of his day at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, which is about an hour from his hometown of New Castle, Pa., visiting children dealing with different medical issues.

“I went and visited a children’s hospital this morning simply because not too many people get to experience this life,” Hooker said. “Everybody wants to be a professional athlete, whether it’s football, basketball, women’s basketball or whatever it may be. I just wanted to go there and share my day with the less fortunate kids -- kids that unfortunately get sick with cancer, sickle cell or something like that. Just to put a smile on their face. I knew my day would be smiles all day so I wanted to brighten somebody else’s up.”