Week 4 fantasy football flex rankings

Gordon expected to play Sunday (0:50)

Stephania Bell joins The Fantasy Show to discuss Melvin Gordon's knee injury. She says despite his latest flare-up, he should be ready to go. (0:50)

The final flex rankings of September are here and with them come reminders that these are just one man’s opinions. Use them as a guide, if you will, and not the final answer -- for these are your teams and sometimes we just have a feeling one player will outperform another. Perhaps it can’t be explained. The flex rankings encompass the best of the running backs, wide receivers and tight ends for a given week, but so much of it is subjective. Activate who you want to activate!

Regardless, it’s Week 4, so let’s all flex!

1. Antonio Brown, WR, Steelers: It doesn’t seem like he’s been so great but there he is as the No. 2 WR in PPR so far. And by the way, these rankings are for PPR.