Hue Jackson: Brock Osweiler with Browns 'until he's not'

PHOENIX -- Brock Osweiler will be a quarterback on the Cleveland Browns roster "until he's not," coach Hue Jackson told the NFL Network on Sunday.

In addition, Jackson said Colin Kaepernick has not come up in any discussions as the Browns continue to seek improvement at the quarterback position. Kaepernick last played for the 49ers.

Speaking publicly on Osweiler for the first time since the team acquired him on March 9, Jackson said Cleveland will get to know Osweiler when offseason workouts begin on April 19 (if he's still on the team at that point).

"Obviously, he's a player on our team, and we're going to treat him just like we do all of our other quarterbacks until he's not," Jackson told NFL Network in an interview that will air at 6 p.m. Monday. "He's a guy that's gonna come in and compete. We haven't had an opportunity to meet with him from a football standpoint because of the rules. But once we start our offseason program, Phase 1, we'll get a chance to know him, and he'll get to know us."

Jackson made similar comments at the NFL combine aboutRobert Griffin III. At the combine, the coach described Griffin as a quarterback on the roster "right now." He also said that "we're going to work with him until we don't."

The Browns stopped working with Griffin when they released him on March 10.

The Browns took Osweiler from Houston so the Texans could get his $16 million salary off their ledger. The Browns had the cap room to absorb the salary, so they took that hit and gained a second-round pick. Essentially, the Browns paid $16 million for a second-round draft pick.

However, the Browns never saw Osweiler in their long-term plans. Reports immediately surfaced that the Browns were trying to trade him after he was acquired. They probably remain hopeful that if they pay part of his salary, they can get another draft pick for him.

Jackson will address the media on Tuesday morning at the NFL's annual spring meetings. NFL.com reported part of his interview on Sunday.