Browns' Myles Garrett: I knew my foot injury wasn't too bad

BEREA, Ohio -- Myles Garrett described the sprained foot that sidelined him during Cleveland Browns minicamp as "something minor" that wouldn't have happened had he been playing in a game.

"I believe that I planted on (quarterback Brock) Osweiler's foot while I was coming by," Garrett said as the Browns prepared for the first practice of training camp open to the public and media. "In the game I won't have to worry about it. I won't be running by him. I'll be taking him down."

Players have to be careful in practice, when there are strict rules against hitting quarterbacks. On the play he was injured during the first day of minicamp, Garrett got off the ball in a blink and was on Osweiler as he set up. But because he had to avoid Osweiler, he wound up stepping on him.

"After a couple days I knew it wasn't too bad," Garrett said. "They were keeping me out to protect me and my future. I felt fine."

He showed that in an Instagram video of a workout between the end of minicamp and the start of camp, as he had a friend sit on a leg press while he worked.

"It was an old basketball teammate of mine," Garrett said. "I think with him on it it made it around 1,450 (pounds). He asked if he could jump on. He was kidding at first. But I needed to go up in weight. There's not much more room on the top so go ahead .. Just did it for about four or five times and kept him on."

Garrett said that was not the first time he had leg-pressed a human being, but others had been "a little bit lighter weight."

The injury kept him in a walking boot for about a week, but he stressed he would be full-go in camp, in all drills. His offseason involved only a four-day break. He spent most of his time in Cleveland, working out at the facility or wherever he could.

The sprained foot was his left; in college as a senior, he also sprained his left ankle.

"Accidents happen on the field," he said. "One thing after another. But I can't be worried about it. The more I worry about it the more it slows me down."