Why I gave the Browns Myles Garrett, Mitch Trubisky in mock draft

Browns pick Garrett No. 1 in mock draft (1:37)

Browns reporter Pat McManamon selects DE Myles Garrett for Cleveland in the NFL mock draft. (1:37)

BRISTOL, Conn. — ESPN held its annual NFL Nation mock draft Tuesday night, and if things fall the way they did at the home office, the Cleveland Browns will be pleased.

I gave the Browns defensive end Myles Garrett with the first overall pick. When the 12th pick came around, no quarterbacks had been selected, so that meant Mitch Trubisky of North Carolina became the Browns' second pick of the first round.

In this scenario the Browns get the best player in the draft and a potential defensive standout, and they get a quarterback they hope can grow into "the guy."

Selecting Trubisky in the first round has risks, but the scuttlebutt leading up to the draft had the Browns pondering taking Trubisky first. If the team likes him at No. 1, it will love him at No. 12.

In this mock draft, where reporters from each team make the picks, three quarterbacks went in the first round — Trubisky at No. 12, Patrick Mahomes to Kansas City at No. 27 and Deshaun Watson to New Orleans at No. 32, the final pick in the first round.

I believe that Browns coach Hue Jackson likes Watson, and that he will be considered at 12.

I also believe that the Browns as an organization like Trubisky better.

Is he worth the 12th pick? In terms of pure value, no. The general thinking is that no quarterback is worth even the first round this year. But the position carries a premium, which means teams that need a quarterback will draft one when they can, not necessarily when they should.

Browns VP of player personnel Andrew Berry described the team's philosophy when he said picks are made based on the choice "that really moves the roster forward the best."

In other words, it's not always the best available player, it's the best available player taken in consideration with need and who's left and who might be left in future rounds and the current roster makeup. 
The Browns put themselves in the position of needing a quarterback in this draft with their decisions a year ago. They signed Robert Griffin III, who was released after one season, and they traded out of the second spot in the draft, meaning Carson Wentz went to Philadelphia and the Browns were left grasping this year.

Trubisky with the 12th pick makes sense for this team at this time. The Browns get a quarterback. They get the one they favor. And they don't have to use any extra picks to move up to get him.

At the first pick, there's no need for the Browns to overthink and overanalyze. Garrett is the consensus best player available. He's survived the normal predraft gauntlet of criticism. And he has the potential to be very good.

Add Garrett to a defense that includes linebackers Jamie Collins and Chris Kirksey along with improving lineman Danny Shelton and Emmanuel Ogbah, and suddenly the Browns are building something.

There is no reason to go away from Garrett. He's the best player at the first pick.

The end result of this draft gives the Browns the two players they have been debating: Garrett and Trubisky.

That would not be a bad first round for a team coming off a 1-15 season.