Bill Belichick's presence at pro days sparks headlines, social media buzz

Bill Belichick draws a lot of attention on college campuses when he visits potential players during pro days. AP Photo/Todd Kirkland

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When Bill Belichick attends a pro day, social media takes note. That has been hard to miss over the last two weeks.

Consider that of all the notable NFL personnel on hand at Alabama two weeks ago, it all started with Belichick.

This has become an annual trip for Belichick, as he transitions from head coach to head scout. And for those wondering if he's still enjoying his craft, a tweet from Georgia's football program -- with the emoji for full effect -- should answer that question.

Here's a different view of what led Belichick to crack the smile.

The respect Belichick is shown at various pro days is reflected in how he gets a front-row seat for the drills, often leading them like he did at NC State.

The same was true at South Carolina, as the program was happy to say a public hello.

And similar to Alabama, Belichick's presence was noted in the headlines, and in one story with players speaking specifically about what it was like to have him on campus.