Falcons' Takkarist McKinley has soft spot for 'SpongeBob'

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Atlanta Falcons first-round draft pick Takkarist McKinley has an intimidating side that strikes fear in opponents. The defensive end from UCLA also watches "SpongeBob SquarePants" religiously.

McKinley had no problem admitting his affection for the Nickelodeon cartoon series.

"That's all we watch, me and my little dog," McKinley said, referring to himself and his French bulldog, Codeine. "It's a funny show. SpongeBob is very positive. We usually watch it around 5 p.m. (PT). Most of the time it's just reruns."

McKinley even has a favorite episode where SpongeBob delivers a pizza.

"Krusty Krab Pizza, when SpongeBob wanted to deliver the pizza but just couldn't deliver it because they got lost and a whole bunch of stuff happened," McKinley said with a laugh.

McKinley was asked if he teammates ever laughed at him about liking SpongeBob.

"I'm pretty sure my teammates knew I liked cartoons," McKinley said. "Why not? What's wrong with cartoons? I don't think there's nothing wrong with cartoons. I really don't."

Falcons coach Dan Quinn, who does not watch the show, was asked for his thoughts on McKinley's choice in entertainment.

"Am I surprised? No," Quinn said. "All the guys, they all have unique stuff in their backgrounds."